Thursday, September 16, 2010

"So, you'll want to stop shaving..."

Even celebrities have "hairy moments" .... guess who?

“So, you’ll want to stop shaving.”

We all had the same reaction. What did she say? What do you mean… stop shaving? Stop shaving what?

Miss Kelly just smiled, “Stop shaving anything… and everything.”

When you sign up for aesthetics school you mentally glamorize the idea that you and your classmates will spend most of your time lavishing each other with skin treatments and fabulous makeup. In your vision, it’s kind of like a 10 month long Mary Kay party. Never once did I consider required “growth time” in our education. That’s right – growth time. Growth time is the time that you have to spend growing out ¼ inch of hair so that you can then wax it off and enjoy 4-6 weeks of a hair-free surface. Last night, Miss Kelly informed us that in order to prepare for week four (when we will begin our work in waxing) we must stop shaving…. anything and everything…. now. I’m no fortuneteller, but I believe I see lots of pants in my future.    

“Miss Kelly” is our primary teacher and she is a walking wealth of skin information! I’ve probably learned more about skin in the past two days than in my whole life. My classmates are super-fantastic. We’re already starting to appreciate each other’s personalities. One of the gals is already a working makeup artist and has been passing out tidbits of info every night. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing this kind of info very soon!!

We’ve been told to expect to have at least two facials performed on us weekly at NBU (as we are learning). This would probably put stars in the eyes of most women, except for this follow-up statement from Miss Kelly...  “So, be prepared to experience some breakouts.” I had to laugh. So not only are we all going to begin to resemble a Sasquatch, but it’s also going to appear as if we’re going through our second adolescence. J Miss Kelly comforted us by telling us that all this would subside and that we are going to love our skin after the fact.

While all this sounds challenging, I’m truly enjoying the first week at Nashvegas Beauty U. I’ve GOT to get a small point & shoot camera so you can see the layout of the school and the clinic floor!

Gettin’ Beauty Schooled,


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