Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Yeah. In case you were wondering, it is as glamorous as it looks - - lots of stainless steel, plastic containers,  and white sheets.

I recently went around NBU and took a few "behind the scenes" pics. If you've ever wondered what things look like behind all the warm ambience and sexiness of a spa, enjoy!

Now for a peek behind the curtain...

The oh-so-sexy tupperware tubs where we pull our sponges,
facial brushes, and other implements for client services.

The Back Bar - This is the term used for the area housing all the
products used on clients for facials, microderm, etc. This is usually where we disappear
to when we say, "I'll be right back..." (aka - I forgot something.)

The biggest container of Barbicide you've ever seen.
Pretty much everything we use on a client has to be washed
and then soaked in this solution for a minimum of 10 minutes. 

Pretty maids... all in a row. Few clients actually get to see the "clinic floor" in full lighting.
I made this pic after we had draped every bed on the clinic floor for a busy night. 

I couldn't resist. Beauty School LOVES some culture training. I think #2 is still my fave. 
FYI - Only 7 weeks of beauty school left for this drop-in!

Gettin' Beauty Schooled,

Friday, May 6, 2011

To California and Back with Shellac

I couldn’t decide this week. Would I write an update on Shellac? or my west coast adventure? I decided I’d figure out how to merge the two.

I spent the better part of the last two weeks in California. In fact, my hubby and I started out in the Napa Valley and drove our way down to LA. How’s that for testing out a manicure?

The purpose of our trip…  a little vacation and a little business (and a lot of “are you sure we’re on the right road?”)

This trip included what I consider to be one of the most significant trainings of my “beauty school” career.

Here’s the back story. I’ve been closet spray tanning people for months now.  After some initial training, I start digging into the theory of DHA (the stuff that makes you “tan”) - - how it works, how to optimize it, and the always important - how NOT to turn people orange (you've seen the Lindsay Lo pictures).  I attempted my first few sprays and I hit a reality.  This isn’t easy. Doing custom spray tanning takes A LOT of practice, and while it can provide the most impressive sunless tan you’ve ever laid eyes on - -  the truth is, your tan is only as good as the person applying it. Tanning becomes a masterpiece when you learn to use artistry techniques and can provide the really beautiful stuff - - body slimming, toning, muscle definition, etc.

I’ve found myself lying in bed contemplating the best way to blend wrist color out towards the hand. I have little sticky notes at my desk that ask incomplete thoughts like, “How to conceal stretch marks?” Then there’s body contouring. Someone needs to bring body contouring to the people!!

So, if you want to be an actor, you go to Hollywood, right? And if you want to train for the hottest tan this side of Brazil, I figured…  you go to California.

I got the opportunity to work with a CA spray tan artist. I was pretty impressed with her resume. She’s the official spray tan artist for the Miss. California Pageant, pro football cheerleading teams, celebrities, and even has a national body building contract. I’ll spare you the details, but the training was great.  

Since I got home, I’ve been spraying anyone I can get my Shellacked hands on (no…. I haven’t forgotten about your Shellac update). Last night, I actually offered to spray tan the check out girl at Kroger because she had such great cheek bones I wanted to contour. So, if you’re in the Nashville area and you want a tan like you’ve never had before, feel free to reach out to me – all body types, all skin types.

Ok –now for the Shellac update! I went a full two weeks WITHOUT a chip! On day 14, I saw my first one - - at the tip of pointer finger.
This chip was a long time coming... 14 days to be exact. 
A FULL TWO WEEKS! That was through lots of water, endless hand sanitizer, and lugging my bags around California. They were as shiny on the last day as the first. The only give away evidence that it wasn’t a new manicure was the fact that my nails grew in two weeks… and bright red did me no favors there. It was easy to see where the Shellac polish met the new growth.

The day after I got back, I marched right back into the salon to have my red Shellac removed (which set me back $15 and 10 minutes) and I decided to go French Manicure Shellac. I dare say this girl is addicted. 

FYI – If you want to save a few bucks, you can remove your Shellac at home! Just get a small bottle of 100% acetone at the beauty supply store and soak for about 7 minutes. You can take an orange stick (or a cuticle pusher) and push away the old Shellac. I recommend having it removed at the salon the first time to get the hang of it - - then DIY!

Gettin’ Beauty Schooled,