Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Beauty School Adventure Begins...

I’ve learned that we always come back to what excites us - - especially those things that excited us as a child.

There was something about clothes and makeup that got me starry-eyed from about six years old. It was about this same time that I began a feverish relationship with the violin. Financial support is everything when you’re SIX, and let’s just say my parents were far more excited about spending their hard earned cash on violin lessons than buying me a Caboodle or a pair of Jordache Jeans. The violin claimed victory over my childhood and adolescence, and while it has forever earned a very dear place in my heart, I still get that flighty feeling in my belly every time I walk past the MAC counter or pull the latest edition of In Style magazine out of my mailbox.

On September 13, I'll begin classes as a part time aesthetics student at "Nashvegas Beauty U". I’ll go to class four nights a week from 5-10 PM, and my program will last about 10 months. I’ll have to balance school with my full time job and my marriage. Lucky for me, I’ve got a husband with a big “S” on his undershirt.

Have I considered the fact that 75% of my classmates will be 10 years younger than me? Yes. Does that excite me? No – and yes. Younger people always breathe a little extra life into me - - it doesn't seem to matter if they’re babies, teenagers, or super-hot 22 year old gals with haircuts that are way cooler than mine.

So, I hope you enjoy this journey with me. For all you ladies that genuinely get excited when you learn a new trick with your eyeliner, this blog is for you. And for the men who take notice when your woman comes home and has done something new with… her makeup? her hair? Perhaps you don’t know exactly what it is… but you still enjoy the view… in a weird way, this is for you, too...

Gettin’ beauty schooled,



  1. I am your biggest fan, and can't wait to read more about your adventure. P.S You are also very good looking :)

  2. Lovin' your blog already, Rita! I'm most excited about the possibility of your sharing some of what are sure to be fabulous make-up tricks! Thirty-two or'll always be one of the hottest, coolest looking girls I know. :)

  3. Thanks, Jenny! I'll be sure to share all the good tricks I learn!