Saturday, September 11, 2010

The "GLAMOUR-LESS" but necessary evil: FINANCIAL AID.

Ahh... the price we pay for beauty (or beauty school at least). I had my financial aid appointment this week. The waiting area of Nashvegas Beauty U was lined with sexy-curvy black benches. As I planted myself on a bench, I watched the cosmetology students run around. I had a passing thought - - pretty soon I’ll be calling bangs “fringe” and using other salon jargon. The music was pumping (cause that’s how NBU rolls), and I couldn’t help but smile. As I meandered around looking at the fancy shampoos and skin care, I considered a question that I’m sure every beauty school student ponders at this stage - - I wonder what kind of discount I’ll get on this stuff?

About that time, Shawna interrupted my daydream. “Are you ready?” she asked with a smile. I followed her through a sea of black clothing…. the required dress code worn by all the students at NBU. I felt a little self conscious in my blue jeans, white top and flip flops. As a rule, I typically rebel against being told what to wear, but since beauty schools are known for their student drama, I decided I should keep my civil disobedience to a minimum and be thankful that my go-to color is black anyway.

Shawna looked to be about 50 years old, and she was a heart-warmer. She told me about how much she hated the printer in her office, and how her life away from work was Titans football. I never would have guessed! Anyway, she answered all of my relentless type-A questions and talked me through my financial aid paperwork. She even printed out an enrollment letter for me. (Which I learned is not standard procedure, but hey, it IS required for all the student discounts I plan on apply for with makeup companies... Oh yeah).

The grand total for my aesthetics education? $8,500.00. This includes the cost of the aesthetics kit that I'll use throughout my training ($700.00). Once I receive my kit, I'll take a few pics to give you a better idea of how far $700 goes in the world of makeup and skin.  

I exited Shawna’s office and proceeded back down the hallway. I was passed by several young ladies, all dressed in black. They each greeted me. It was like I had joined a 
sisterhood, and we were all gonna figure out this beauty thing together. Ok. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic - - but just like when you're in high school, it felt good to belong. 

All in all, it was a good day. I’m $8,500 poorer (essentially), but I’m holding fast to the belief that the price I’ll pay NBU is less costly than the regret of an unexplored opportunity.

Gettin’ Beauty Schooled,

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