Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting ZAPPED.

Part of the clinic floor (where client services are performed)

I got zapped this past week.

Remember when you were a child and little boys thought it was funny to take a rubber band and snap it on your hand when you weren’t looking? It was kind of like that. Except, it was an electric rubber band. And, it was on my face. Perhaps I should start at the beginning of the story. 

One of the fun things about beauty school is being surrounded by professional equipment (even if I don't know how to use it yet). During our first tour of the clinic floor, Miss Kelly pointed out that our “8-in-1” facial machines could perform 8 functions (hence the name), including vacuuming the face and services with electricity.
One of our 8-in-1 facial machines (aka the zapper)

Last week one of the cosmetology students walked over to the esthetics side of the building. She came to our practice area and began a conversation that would probably be taboo in most other environments - - in beauty school however, it's as casual as talking about the weather. “Pardon my red lip” she said. “I just had someone wax off my mustache.” She asked Miss Kelly about a pimple on her face, and Miss Kelly asked if she wanted to be zapped. “Well, I got zapped yesterday, so I think I’ll just wait and get it tomorrow" she replied.

I won’t go into detail about what “get it” means… just know it would probably require the use of an extractor, or a sharp lancet.
The extractor

I was intrigued. Apparently, our 8-in-1 machines could zap away zits? Nice.

I woke up on Wednesday to find…. well, a good reason to be zapped. Right there on the right side of my face. This was no normal “congestion” - - you know the kind... about two layers deep and painful. When I got to school, I went straight to Miss Kelly and pled my case for a zap. We negotiated a deal. I volunteered to be her facial example for the other students, in exchange for zit zapage at the end of the treatment (nobody wants to volunteer for their third facial in three days).

Was the zap a success? I was astounded at the results. The next day I woke up and, well… if you really want to know the details, you can send me a message - -I’ll spare the general public. I will say this. If you have a spot of “congestion” on your face, and you need to get rid of it quickly, your esthetician can help. Just ask for a zap. Hopefully I’ll learn the technical name for zapping soon. I’m sure it will sound much more professional.

Conclusion? If zapping found it's place in politics, there's no question - I'd be pro-zap. It's not as much fun as Clinique bonus week, but it's by NO means intolerable – and totally worth the results.   

What’s that saying? Oh yeah. Beauty is pain. 

Gettin’ Beauty Schooled,


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