Monday, April 18, 2011

I Finally Got "Shellacked"

Shiny, red, and "shellacked"

I had given up on my nails. Since I started school, I have my hands in water all the time. According to my classmate (and licensed nail technician), natural nails will never keep polish with the number of facials we’re doing each week. After the first month, I decided it was time to wave my white flag in the air and accept defeat  - - after all, who has time to repaint their nails every other day?

Then I heard about SHELLAC. We’ve been chatting about it at school since the cosmetology side decided to start offering the Shellac service a couple weeks ago. Shellac is like a hybrid of regular nail polish and gel. It’s also been dubbed the “no-chip manicure”. Shellac boasts to offer two weeks of chip free polish, even for hands in the aquatic conditions of the esthetic industry.

For about $35-$40, you can get your natural nails “shellacked” by your nail salon. If you’re looking for a deal, try Shellac at your local beauty school for a hefty discount. We’re offering it at NBU for a mere $18.

I’m getting ready to go on an extended “working vacation” so I decided to try Shellac and see if all the hype is true. I went with a true red, so that I’d be able to wear whatever I want without color clash. If red is not your color, you could always go with a neutral color, or even the always popular French Manicure Shellac….. (or go all out and do the black and white reverse French Manicure... love it!)
Chip free for now.
The process was super easy. They did the standard cuticle pushing and clipping, and then a quick buffing of my natural nails, followed by a base coat of Shellac, two color coats, and a special Shellac top coat. In between each coat, I had to “cure” my nails in under a UV light for about 2 minutes. Once you’re done with the top coat, the last step is for the technician to wipe down each nail with alcohol. You’re left with the shiniest “natural” nails you’ve ever seen. Once I’m over the color, I’m told that Shellac can be removed with about five minutes of soaking in acetone (compared to 20+ minutes with acrylic nails).
My initial thoughts – I love it. I could see myself buying a UV lamp and the Shellac polish and attempting this at home. My nails feel totally natural, but very strong. Now I’ll see how my nails do over the two week time frame. I’ll post follow up pics for so you can see any chips or problems that occur, and I’ll definitely post a final pic before I have it removed so we can scrutinize the results!

Gettin' Beauty Schooled,


PS - If you're thinking about a Shellac pedicure, just be sure you love the color. I've heard that Shellac can stay on your toes for up to five months! For me that's about as captivating as a lifetime warranty on a purse. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's here! MTFW!

It's here! No, not my back-ordered Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette. (Really? how long can an item be back-ordered before people forget that they even wanted it?)

Middle Tennessee Fashion Week is here! Events begin Tuesday (April 12th) and I can't wait for Saturday's fashion shows. I've loved doing makeup at shows in the past, but this week I get to experience something new - - working in a children's fashion show in the AM on Saturday!

To get up to date details on Middle TN Fashion Week, you can check out their Facebook page.  I'm already loving the fashion trivia questions! You can also check out the MTFW website to learn more about the featured designers!

I'll try to take as many pics as I can and repost for your enjoyment!

Gettin' Beauty Schooled,