Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Orientation! Here's the rules.... I mean, "guidelines"

I had Sterling snap a "first day of shool" pic as I was running out the door!
Several of us arrived at NBU early and were sitting in the waiting area. I began to play a game similar to the one I play at the airport when I’m traveling alone. I sit down, look around, and analyze who else is traveling solo and might end up sitting next to me on the flight. On the plane I usually just want to be left to my own silence. This version of the game was slightly different. I wanted conversation… even an instant connection… after all, this time I was looking for the person that would be my companion in the foxholes of learning to wax off body hair. This was serious stuff.

As it ends up, there are six students in my aesthetics class - - I LOVE the small number. I’m also loving our teacher, “Miss Kelly.” After encouraging us and telling us that we will make lifelong friends from our classmates, she also added, “And before your time here is over, you’ll know each other’s skin inside and out.”

There are a few things that will take some getting used to at NBU. Like any school, NBU has rules. Except at NBU, more negative words like “rules” are often called something more positive, like “guidelines”. Some of the alternate words are rather comforting - - for example, at NBU, students don’t make mistakes, we make “discoveries”. Thank God for that. Although, I’m not sure many clients would respond well to a bad chemical peel being called a discovery.   

So, here are a few guidelines at Nashvegas Beauty U that you might find interesting. Keep in mind, based on my research, these aren’t exclusive to NBU. These are fairly standard “guidelines” for beauty schools.
  • All black clothes
  • No open toed shoes
  • No ponytails (huh?)
  • No personal involvement among students (no romantic stuff)
  • No bad attitudes
  • Personal challenges among students have to be addressed within 24 hours
Overall, my two hour orientation flew by! I’d say the NBU guidelines are reasonable. What makes the guidelines so easy for a control freak like me to accept? It’s the fact that NBU shares them with a smile. You can’t help but feel the positive energy from the teachers and other students. Sure, there are a few things that I’ll have to get used to (like clocking-in and out, and asking the teacher before I take a potty break), but in a way, beauty school orientation is still similar to that airplane experience. Nobody really wants to listen to all the rules from the flight attendant - - but it’s a formality, so you gotta give her credit for saying them with a smile… and just try to enjoy the ride. 

Gettin' Beauty Schooled,

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