Friday, October 1, 2010

Win FREE Artistry Makeup for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
Breast cancer has been a thorn in the side of my family for as long as I can remember. This year is particularly important to me, because my sister, Christine is battling her second round with breast cancer. Christine is only 38 years old, which sounds unbelievable, until you hear that she had her first round with breast cancer at 26. She beat it then, and we’re no less motivated to lay the smack down on some BC today.   
Christine with her son Matthew post chemo after her first
 win against breast cancer 11 years ago.
In honor of Christine, and all the women and families fighting breast cancer, Adventures of a Beauty School Drop-In is giving away the NEW Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection Shimmer Brick to one of our super-fantastic readers! (If I could cue the glow from heaven and angelic singing, it would happen right about now.)
When it comes to makeup artists, it doesn’t get any better than Bobbi Brown - - and Shimmer Bricks are a Bobbi Brown exclusive. These bricks are handmade in Italy. They have five bars of luxe, pearlized pigment and are perfect for giving blushed cheeks a gorgeous glow (or even a shimmer highlight over the brow bone… oh yeah... work it, girl... ). 

The Shimmer Brick is a $38 value, but one will be free to our lucky winner and mailed to any U.S. address from the beauty school drop-in!

So, here are the details that will get your name thrown into the shimmer pot:
  1. You’ll need to “share” this post (the contest) on your Facebook page.
  2. After you’ve shared the post on your wall, you have to go to the Adventures of a Beauty School Drop-In Facebook page and leave a comment telling me that you’ve posted it. Simply, “Hey Rita! I posted!” will suffice (see my sample comment on Facebook if you’re confused).  HINT: You have to “like” us in order to leave a comment!
You can enter October 1 – October 15. I WILL DRAW THE WINNER ON OCTOBER 16.

** GET THIS! ** If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can “share” this post up to two times through October 15th. Simply follow steps one and two a second time next week! Good luck, everyone!   
Me and Chris"tiney" (Yes, I do look like a giant next to her).
 Breast Cancer Fighters in My Family
Christine (sister)
Nina (Mom)
Alice (Aunt)
Josie (Grandmother)
Freda (Cousin – In Memory)
Margie (Cousin)
Thelma (Cousin)
Geneva (Cousin)
Myrtle (Cousin)
Lucille (Cousin)
Feel free to show some love to the breast cancer fighters among your family and friends in a comment! 
NOTE: If you’re not our winner, you can always head to the Bobbi Brown website and purchase your own Pink Ribbon Collection Shimmer Brick. For the month of October, Bobbi will ship it free AND they’ll be donating $35,000 from sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Gettin' Beauty Schooled,


  1. Wow Rita! You have a family chock full of fighting woman! Such strength. I hope your sister beats the snot out of BC again this time around.

    I was just eyeballing that shimmer brick yesterday. Purchasing it is perfect way to support the BCRF and look great doing it! (lol)

  2. Nice pictures of you and Christine and Matthew. . .

  3. I swear I can remember spending the night with you and your mom calling to tell you Christine had her baby. Am I crazy? We were in middle school or high school?

  4. Yes! You did, Kim!! Isn't it scary to think that Matthew is now a senior in high school??