Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Whole Ball of Wax

This week I was introduced to the amazing world of waxing. Well, I use the word “introduced” very loosely. The truth is, I’m no stranger to waxing. I’ve been waxed, I’ve waxed other people, and I’ve bravely waxed myself at times over the years. I’ve just never encountered formal waxing education (which basically means I’ve had a million “ah-ha!” moments this week as I’ve discovered all the things I’ve done wrong over the years).

Your waxing education at Nashvegas Beauty U begins with an intro to waxing video. We broke this up and watched it over a period of two days, since it was over four hours long in totality. The video’s demonstrator is none other than the Wax Queen herself, Lori Nestore. The name of the video - The Whole Ball of Wax.  
Most people have never had the pleasure of witnessing Lori’s waxing skills. It’s a shame, because she not only epitomizes the stereotype of a no-nonsense, get the job done, type A personality, but she also has a sort-of dry humor about waxing that could only be developed after years of experience and a resume that includes every waxable body part you can imagine (and some you can’t imagine).  Lori says random things like, “don’t be prissy with the wax!” and “you just have to give it a good, firm rub, that’s all”.  Occasionally, she’ll pull up a strip and hold it out for the camera to see and state one word…. “hair”. With a straight face and no shame, Lori has no problem describing her waxing models as “wolly mammoths” or “beasts”. We couldn’t but help admire her and be appalled at the same time.  
The two most memorable demos that Lori provides are at the very end of the four hour video. Lori performs a female Brazilian, and the increasingly popular BROzilian. As with some of my previous posts, I won’t go into detail on the BROzilian. Goggle it if you must, but be prepared for some uncensored search results. I’ll try to keep my blog as “PG” as I can!

Even though Lori’s approach was no-nonsense and direct, I loved it. Waxing isn’t fun for anyone – the giver or the receiver. BUT the satisfaction after a wax is felt by both parties. And as crazy as it sounds, there’s a unique bond that is formed between the waxee and the waxer. Professional waxers never talk about how much hair someone had, where it was, or disclose details about their clients to anyone. It’s just an understanding. Nobody is judged for how much body hair they have - - I mean seriously, the reality is, man or woman, everybody’s got some hair they’d like to remove.

The Whole Ball of Wax has already made me a better waxer. My classmates have pegged me as #2 in the class for waxing, only surpassed by the spreading techniques of my classmate, Beth. (Who by the way has an unfair advantage over me because her mother is an avid baker and made 100 cakes every Christmas which Beth had to ice every year when she was growing up.)  
I’ll close this blog with a message from the Wax Queen. Lori concludes her four hour video with a note of encouragement and these words, “Do as I say, AND do as I do. And one day, perhaps you too can be a Wax Queen.”

Gettin’ Beauty Schooled,
PS - Check out these pics from a classmate's leg wax. These tiny red bumps are typical right after a wax. See in the second pic there were gone 12 hours later! 6 weeks of no shaving for her now!
Right after her leg wax.
12 hours after her leg wax.

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  1. I loved getting my legs waxed. It was my most favorite luxury because I'm not the best at keeping up with the shaving. ;/

    And, uh, I had to Google BROzilian. Now I must have a glass (or 3) of wine and try to forget. (lol)

  2. i love your blogs...they are so entertaining to read, now I feel the need to go and get waxed