Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The LASH EFFECT - - My Drug of Choice

Applying false eyelashes is a fairly regular service we offer at NBU (especially on the weekends). If you’ve never tried false eyelashes, you’ve got to do it at least once. There’s a transformation that instantly happens when you takes a set of “whispies” and glue them to your lash line. You go from feeling mundane to magnificent… vanilla to rocky road… from run of the mill to Marilyn M.

Yesterday we had our first formal instruction on applying false eyelash strips. All but one of us had used false eyelashes before, so we insisted that Molly (the lash newbie) go first. We decided to take it easy on her and offer her the "demi" style, which is slightly smaller than the lengthy "whispies" style of lash. Molly fluttered and fluttered during the application until we all thought she might go airborne, but in the end, the lashes delivered that notorious, intoxicating effect and she could not stop looking at herself in the mirror and batting her baby browns.
What followed was probably one of the funniest memories I’ve had at NBU. We applied lashes for the next 45 minutes. Well, about 15 minutes was actual lash application, and the other 30 minutes was spent laughing hysterically at the results of our applications. At one point the corner of my upper and lower lashes on my left eye were glued together, which had us all in stitches for at least two minutes. Between the globs of glue and Molly's repetitive mistake of calling whispies “whispers” - - it was a night to remember.

As I left NBU wearing my lashes, I submitted to the rockstar confidence that long eyelashes give to us women. I dare say that the lashes may have even changed my stride as I walked to my car. Yes.... me and my lashes were ready for a night on the town! But... since it was already 10PM and a school night, the practical side of me decided to go home and go to bed instead. Turning Nashville into Lashville will just have to wait until the weekend.

Gettin’ Beauty Schooled,

PS -  Apparently my husband received a "contact high" from my lashing out. Today he walked past my office and said, "So, when are you gonna wear lashes again?" I'm telling you ladies... try 'em!

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