Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Rained Men!!

Hallelujah! It was the Christian Music Awards after all.

I was privileged to be a makeup artist at the Christian Music Awards this year - - and it rained men on me.

The first musician walked into the hair and makeup room. He looked to be about 16, was tall and thin, and had lots of freckles. He pulled off his cap to reveal bright red hair. Everyone stopped in their tracks and waited for direction from the lead in the hair/makeup room. A few of us glanced at each other as if to say, “Who wants to take him?”

I stuck my hand in the air and motioned him over. He plopped into my chair and pulled his hat across his knee. Then he said, “I don’t know about this.” 

I let out a snicker and told him not to worry. He smiled as I swatched the side of his face to find the best color for him.

He was the first of my “masculine makeup” for the night. As it turns out, I would have 8 more men follow behind him in my chair. It became a bit of a running joke. When a man came in for makeup and I was available, he was guided to my chair. After applying makeup to about four gentlemen in a row, the lead in the room came to my chair and asked if I would do stage makeup for Jason Crabb in his dressing room. Jason was being honored as male artist of the year.  <gulp>

An hour later, I was finishing the powder on a young girl who had absolutely flawless skin. I kept telling her she didn’t need me or my fancy foundations. I felt a tap on my shoulder and our lead said, “Jason decided to come to you to make things easier. He’s over there.” One of the other girls took over to finish the makeup on my porcelain doll and I walked over to greet Jason.
Jason Crabb
Jason was an absolute delight. The newer musicians in the room couldn’t help themselves. They kept coming up and share their stories of how his music had touched their lives. Jason asked if I could pause his makeup application two different times – once when three little girls came in to talk with him, and another time to hug a woman that shared her story of being bed-ridden for months and drawing hope from his music.      

Once I finished Jason’s makeup I got to do makeup for the master of ceremonies and comedian, Broderick Rice.  Then came members of the band, The Reel.
Broderick Rice, MC
Curtis of "The Reel"

Kevin of "The Reel"

Here’s the thing you discover while doing makeup at shows.  When someone sits in your makeup chair, your job is obvious. You’re supposed to make them look their very best, and you're expected to do it quickly. But, as much as you look to enhance the outside, you inevitably can’t help but examine the inside of the artist as well. You’re exposed to bits and pieces of them that are typically reserved for the “inner circle” - - things that are revealed in casual conversation or overheard. Live shows aren't a carousel ride. They're intense. They squeeze most people. And what happens when things are squeezed? Well, what lies inside usually comes out - beautiful or not.

It didn’t take long to realize how each of these men had found success. They are authentic representations of what they believe - - they weren’t pretentious, stuffy, or holier than thou. AND they were there to rock your face off (in Jesus name).            

I was humbled to work on some of the faces that God is using to share His story.

Gettin’ Beauty Schooled,

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