Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It was my first week providing services to the public at Nashvegas Beauty U. My husband graciously offered to come to NBU and allow me to do a “back wax” (and by graciously offered, I mean succumbed to my begging). My husband isn’t hairy by any means, but I really wanted to practice waxing on a larger surface. I’d waxed my fair share of brows and lips during theory - - and I was ready for a new challenge.  
The sexy, selfless husband.
He arrived right on time at 7:30 PM.  I had him complete our waxing consultation form and showed him to the dressing room. We made our way to the waxing room where he found himself laying face down on a waxing bed, with a bare back.
I gave him a quick run-down of what to expect - - warm wax, me laying down the strip, rubbing it, a quick pull, and a slight “sting", which would be soothed by me quickly returning my hand to his skin after pulling away the strip. He seemed fairly comfortable and happy to contribute to my learning experience.  We exchanged a few jokes and then it was all business for me.
I began the waxing process and took great care in making sure he was comfortable. Each step was completed with sensitivity to his “first time waxer” status. In particular, I paid special attention to quickly placing my hand on the freshly waxed skin to help calm it after each strip. Before we knew it, about 10 minutes had passed, and I completed about 1/3 of his back. It was bright red.
Miss Paula (one of the teachers) came in to check on my progress. She was very complimentary of the work I had done, but I expressed concerns about how long the waxing process was taking. Like any good teacher, Miss Paula asked me about my technique, and then she offered a few suggestions, then she asked if she might demonstrate a technique the industry calls “speed waxing”.  I was excited to see speed waxing in person, so I nodded my head yes.
The only problem? Despite the fact that the name “speed waxing” reveals the overall concept behind the technique, I really hadn’t mentally prepared my husband for speed waxing. Simply put, speed waxing is when you lay all your wax down at one time, and then you go back and quickly remove it all with the same strip, or very few strips. It’s ridiculously fast, but not for the faint at heart (and certainly not for an uninformed husband who usually asks for “a break” when I tweeze a couple of his stray brow hairs).
Miss Paula picked up a spatula and smoothed the warm wax across the remaining portion of his back. She quickly grabbed a strip and began a movement that made even me a little teary-eyed. She was so swift – she would lay the strip flat, press it down with one sleek movement, and pull it off with a snap of her wrist. My husband, unable to express what he was truly feeling in front of a stranger, began a nervous hysterical laughter.  Miss Paula did about six pulls in a row before sticking her hand out to me for a second strip. It was like we had teleported into a surgical suite and I was her tech. What she needed now was one thing - - a final wax strip, STAT.
I stood with my mouth gaping open.  I quickly grabbed another strip, placed it in her hand and she completed her speed wax – our patient was done.  The entire process took less than two minutes. My husband was still intermittently laughing the crazy laugh. I could only assume he truly was hysterical by this point.
Miss Paula returned to the other students and I cleaned the excess wax from my husband’s back. When he sat up on the wax bed we just stared at each other. I broke the silence. “Was it bad? Are you ok?”
With glossy eyes he looked back and me and said, “Um… yeah.... it’s cool.... am I bleeding?”  We both belly-laughed.
We LOVE to tell this story and laugh about it now.  I recently asked him if the payoff of a hair free back was worth the pain. Surprisingly, he said YES - - he’d totally do it again – speed waxing and all. He’s such a hairless back show off.  


  1. omg! You're husband is truly something special.
    Jim would not have done it unless there was general anesthesia involved ... and maybe not even then. :D

  2. Make that YOUR husband :::slinks away, embarrassed at her huge grammar error.::: oh dear. lol

  3. how funny...your husband is such a sweetheart to do that..

  4. Am I bleeding...I just busted a gut laughing so freaking hard!!! So funny!!!

  5. your husband is totally cool for doing that and wanting to do it again! you chose well, rita :)

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