Monday, November 15, 2010


Here we go - -a makeup brand you'll want to know about - - FACE atelier.

I’ll be the first to say that mineral foundations have failed me. I know I’m not in my twenties anymore, but you can’t blame me if I still want to try to look like I am. Powdery mineral make up has a flaw that is so hard for me to get over - - by hour three it sinks into every line and pore in my skin.

Debbie Bondar must have had me in mind when she developed her brand, which specializes in foundation – FACE atelier. It was originally dubbed as makeup for “mature skin” - - but now everyone wants a piece of this action!
The size of the FACE atelier sample container.

FACE is a Canadian based company that is now sold across the globe. There are a couple of things that I find fabulous about FACE:
  • The silicone based foundation – it acts like a primer & foundation in one. FACE’s silicone molecules float on the skin, so it’s designed not to crease. It’s described as a "breathable second skin".  
  • FACE has NO SPF. I know…. I know… some people would say that is a bad thing. BUT hear me out on this one. Have you ever had a picture made of yourself and looked at it afterwards and had ghost face? You know what I’m talking about… your face comes across much paler than the rest of your body – UGH! Ever wonder what causes that? It’s the SPF. Our skin actually absorbs the flash of a camera, but SPF reflects it, so when someone takes a pic, if you’re wearing SPF in your makeup, it sends the reflection of the flash back to the photographer and it is captured in the picture - - and you’re stuck with ghost face. Not the case with FACE!
  • You can order $1 samples from FACE!! This is so awesome. FACE has TONS of samples that you can try on their website. You can order eye shadow pigments, foundation, concealer, and lipsticks, all in $1 samples. (And let me tell you, I’ve ordered EVERY pigment they have… and they are NOT stingy with their samples… see my pics below).
A sample of translucent powder by FACE (in my own container).

A sample of Ultra Foundation by FACE - already used twice.
 (This is how you will receive it).

This is how much pigment I received from four of my samples!
 (show here in my own kit storage container).

The sample I received of FACE's concealer
(called camouflage on their site).
While FACE is still a young brand, they've made their presence known in the makeup scene. They’ve already hooked celebrities  like Fergie and Lady GaGa, and they’re the official makeup sponsor for Madonna’s current tour. So, if you’re looking for a new foundation, or just want to make sure that you don’t have “ghost face” in your holiday pictures, give FACE atelier a try.

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  1. Rita - The SPF/Ghost pic relationship revealed - wow! That could be life-changing for me. :) I may have a bit of a SPF obsession though -- is it only when it's in the make-up that's there's an issue -- what about if in your moisturizer?

    Gotta go order some samples....

  2. Amy H - just saw your comment! Sorry for the late reply. Makeup artists have different opinions on this. FACE supports the notion that you should rely on your SPF in your moisturizer, not in your makeup - - but I work with a makeup artist that swears she has no problems with foundations with SPF up to #8. Personally, I have moved to moisturizer only SPF... nothing in my makeup - I've had no problems so far, and I take a flash photo of everyone that sits in my chair for makeup and no problems there either! I hope this helps!

  3. I just got my FACE order today!!! YAY! So excited. It only took a week for it to arrive, too. The samples were SUPER generous and much more than the 12 applications that was listed on the website. The only complaint is that some of my sample pigments were not labeled by color name but by product code...not a real problem since I will be able to make a label of my own. Thanks so much Rita for this information.