Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eye Lining at It's Best... and CHEAPEST!

I had a girl’s get-a-way weekend in Charlotte, NC a couple weekends ago. We bought out the “license –only" salon supply store, slathered ourselves with beauty products, and I left two of my girls behind shedding their "stratum corneum" after their first chemical peels. 

On Saturday we headed to the craft store so I could help them pick out a few makeup brushes (a little tip here… if you’re not ready to spend the $ for professional makeup brushes, the art/craft store can offer some very capable alternatives at a fraction of the price). My brush arsenal is doing pretty well, but I couldn’t help but notice a tiny oil and acrylic paint brush. It was very similar to my more expensive pro eyeliner brushes - - and was perfectly stiff and flexible at the same time. I pictured using it to apply those gel eyeliners that create a gorgeous graphic eye. And hey, it was 50% off, which made it less than $3. What did I have to lose?

Gel liners
If you’ve ever purchased gel eyeliner, you know that most of them come with a ridiculous two inch long eyeliner brush. It’s a nightmare. I don’t understand why they even include them in the sale. Detail work like this needs a longer steady handle, especially if you’re just starting to use gel liners.
The freebie that comes with most gel liners. Maybe ok as a brow fill-in, but eyes.... no.

So, I'm sharing the details of my score with you! I’ve used the eyeliner brush for the past week and loved it. It is ridiculously tiny, so if you want something more natural you can create a very fine line at your lashes just to darken your lash line AND it’s also flexible enough to glide on that cat-eyed liner if you decide to channel your inner Marilyn (see tips below).  FOR LESS THAN $3.00!
The superstar this week.
 Here’s a few more pics to assist in case you want to find one near you – 
The packaging for my new lining love... "Master's Touch"

Remember that gel liners are water resistant, so it’s a good idea rinse your brush after you use it, or the leftover liner will set and dry in your brush. No biggie if you forget… it just takes a tiny bit of antibacterial soap to wash it out (and for $3, I’m considering having about three on hand).

*****Gel liner tips******
 For a more natural eye, gently place your finger on top of your eyelid and lift the skin lightly. Working right on the lash line makes a big difference. Take your liner brush and make tiny “dots” in your lash line all the way across your eye. Now go back and connect them with a few small stroke - - you'll have a beautiful smooth defined lash line.
 For a more dramatic cat eye, try starting your eye liner at the outside of your eye. Begin with short thin strokes and slowly move towards the inside about halfway. Now take your brush and begin making a line on the inside corner of the eye (don't "redip" your brush in the liner, it will have less liner on it and will keep you from smudging up the inside corner). Continue with small strokes until you connect the two lines. Widen the line as desired.  

Good luck!

Gettin’ Beauty Schooled,

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